2-Piece Reglet

  • 2-Piece Reglet

    2-Piece Reglet

Provides extended watertight protection along parapet wall termination.

Top component attaches into parapet wall reglets, and bottom flashing rivets into place. Bottom flashing is easily removed for re-roofing or maintenance. Use rivets to secure counterflashing to the receiver.

Available 10' lengths.

Material Gauge Finish
Aluminum .040 Mill or Kynar®
Stainless Steel 24-gauge N/A
Bonderized Steel 24-gauge N/A
Galvalume® 24-gauge Mill or Kynar®
Copper 16 oz. Mill

Installation Details

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6145 2-Piece Reglet Download PDF Download DXF

Product Information

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Reglet Product Data Sheet
EXCEPTIONAL® Metals Order Form
EXCEPTIONAL Metals Color Sheet