Double Skirt Scupper

  • Double Skirt Scupper

    Double Skirt Scupper

Fabricated to specific through-wall measurements to solve drainage challenges.

Eliminates difficult field fabrication, saving time and labor. Most commonly used with the vinyl-back collector. When installed without the collector, this scupper must be terminated according to specifications.

Available with white, tan, gray, dark gray, terra cotta, and Rock-Ply® 6" 40-mil PVC membrane skirt.

Proper measuring:

  • Height minus ¼"
  • Width minus ¼"
  • Through wall exact

Installation Details

Detail Name PDF / DXF
2060 Double Skirt Scupper & Metal Flange Scupper Download PDF Download DXF

Product Information

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Scupper Product Data Sheet
EXCEPTIONAL® Metals Order Form
EXCEPTIONAL Metals Color Sheet