• Downspout


  • Customized Downspout Assembly

    Customized Downspout Assembly

  • Elbows


  • Drop Outlet

    Drop Outlet

  • Square-to-Round Adapter

    Square-to-Round Adapter

Downspouts are manufactured with a closed or open face.

Downspouts can be customized with multiple bends to meet any water drainage or collection need. Elbows can be incorportated into the downspout assembly for multlple bends, eliminating field assembly.

  • Closed downspouts feature a Pittsburgh seam for a professional finish that also eliminates the need for rivets.
  • Closed downspouts are manufactured with tapered ends easily nesting into each other.
  • Open-Face downspouts help eliminate blockage due to ice and debris build-up.
  • Bottom kickout elbows can be cut into both open and closed downspouts.
  • Can be made up to 20' long, Saginaw, MI facility only.
  • Custom sizes are available.
Material Gauge Finish
Aluminum .040 Mill or Kynar®
Stainless Steel 24-gauge N/A
Bonderized Steel 24-gauge N/A
Galvalume® 24-gauge Mill or Kynar®
Copper 16 oz. Mill

Installation Details

Detail Name PDF / DXF
2080 Downspout Download PDF Download DXF
2085 Downspout Elbows Download PDF Download DXF
2086 Square-to-Round Adapter Download PDF Download DXF

Product Information

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Downspout Product Data Sheet
EXCEPTIONAL® Metals Order Form
EXCEPTIONAL Metals Color Sheet