Edge Extender

  • Edge Extender

    Edge Extender

Edge extenders are used in conjunction with other edge details, including gutter and coping, to create a professional termination around roofs with wide perimeter designs.
  • Utilizes a continuous cleat for installation on 4" or wider widths.
  • Available in 10' lengths: 3" through 8" widths and is available in all metal finishes.
Meets ANSI/SPRI ES-1 2003 method RE-2 testing requirements. Factory Mutual Wind Storm Approval Rating: 2" FM 1-930 and 4" FM 1-990.
Material Gauge Finish
Aluminum .040 Mill or Kynar®
Stainless Steel 24-gauge N/A
Bonderized Steel 24-gauge N/A
Galvalume® 24-gauge Mill or Kynar®
Copper 16 oz. Mill

Installation Details

Detail Name PDF / DXF
3540 Metal Edge Extender Download PDF Download DXF

Product Information

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EXCEPTIONAL® Metals Order Form
EXCEPTIONAL Metals Color Sheet